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Codes SA was founded in 2008 in Zurich. Since January 2010 we have our headquarters in the Viadukt, in the heart of the Zurich's emerging industrial quarter. A qualified and experienced team provides our expertise in interior design, layout development, project management and process management.

Our counseling is individual and focuses strongly on the customer's needs. In many projects with various requirements, Codes SA plays a role as general contractor.

Our clients include small and medium-sized companies as well as individuals and institutions.


We appreciate your contact with us at any time.

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Viaduktstrasse 75

8005 Zurich



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Nemu Kienzle, MS Interior Design, Interior Designer

Nemu Kienzle, B.Sc. M.Sc.

Interior Designer

044 275 20 58

Alex Kurmis, dipl.slg Project Manager, Lighting Planner

Alex Kurmis, dipl.slg

Project Manager, Lighting Designer

044 275 20 57

Karin Nigg, Office Manager

Karin Nigg


044 275 20 59

Philipp Lischer, dipl.arch.eth, Project Manager

Philipp Lischer, dipl.arch.eth

Project Manager

044 275 20 54

Herbert Wetli


044 275 20 52

Herbert Wetli, CEO
Daniel Correa, Projektleiter, ma.arch.faup

Daniel Correa, ma.arch.faup

Project Manager

044 275 20 56

Roland Imboden, dipl.arch.eth, Creative Director

Roland Imboden, dipl.arch.eth

Creative Director

044 275 20 55



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Philipp Lischer, dipl.arch.eth, Project Manager

Simon Maissen

Key Account Manager

044 275 20 58